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Senior Pastor - Bishop Gerald G. Seabrooks

Bishop Gerald G. Seabrooks was born to Christopher and Mary Seabrooks on July 6th, in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York.  As a young man, Bishop Seabrooks decided that he would be one of those persons who would participate in the rebuilding, reclaiming and reviving of his community.

Bishop Seabrooks realized in order to achieve his goals; he had to attain the finest education.   He graduated from Franklin D. Roosevelt High School in Brooklyn, New York where he received a State Regents Diploma.  Next, he attended Brooklyn College of the City University of New York, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree with honors, majoring in Psychology and a minor in Sociology.


Bishop Seabrooks has also earned a Master of Science Degree in the area of Guidance and Counseling from Long Island University, in Brooklyn, New York.  In a continued purposeful pursuit of academic and spiritual excellence, Bishop Seabrooks enrolled in the renowned Manhattan Bible Institute, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology. Later, from the same institution, he earned a Master of Theology Degree and was the Valedictorian of the graduating class. In 1996, Bishop Seabrooks earned a Doctorate Degree in Theology from Andersonville Baptist Theological Seminary.

Bishop Seabrooks has actualized “the holistic approach” by servicing humanity, both spiritually and socially.  He previously served as the Executive Vice President of a prestigious community multi-service corporation for over 25 years. Currently, he is employed as a licensed Guidance Counselor and Pedagogue by the NYC Department of Education.

While a student at Manhattan Bible Institute, the concept of establishing a church for the Lord Jesus Christ was entrenched upon Bishop Seabrooks’ heart. This experience marked the beginning of effective witnessing and service to God.  Inspired to complete his task, he began to seek the Lord’s guidance.  Subsequent to a period of faithful service, he was led of the Lord to begin family prayer at home in Brooklyn, New York and at small missions throughout the City of New York.


After much travail, through borrowed churches and small auditoriums this Spearhead procured the edifice located at 55 MacDougal Street in Brooklyn, New York. On October 19, 1991, an inaugural ceremony was held where prestigious Ecclesiastical Leaders, Elected Officials and a retinue of well wishers attended.

Seriously moved by the negative plight of humanity, the first church committee embellished was a Substance Support Group. The Rehoboth Cathedral is in the heart of Bedford Stuyvesant,


where drug addiction and drug sales are high. Understanding the impact that drugs have on the family and community the Substance Support Group’s ministry deals with how addiction initiated, its personality, the various clandestine family roles and how to overcome the same, by using professional technical skills and the unadulterated Word of God. Many lives have been revived and transformed as a result of engaging in the Substance Support Group.

Presently, the Rehoboth Cathedral Ministry is involved in becoming a purpose driven church. Its ecumenical concept is to “Win the World” for the Lord Jesus Christ through evangelism, discipleship, membership, fellowship, worship and stewardship.

“Through evangelism the church will grow in number. Through discipleship the church will grow deeper. Through membership the church will expand its boarders. Through fellowship the church will grow warmer. Through worship the church will grow stronger, and through stewardship the church will become secure”.

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